Sep 14, 2011

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3G seems to be the new buzzword now. A whole lot of people ranging from kids to adults are interestingly discussing about 3G. I have seen even people from the elite class having hilarious conversations at a cell phone counter –

‘Is this a 3G phone ?’
‘Yes, Sir.’
‘Where is the front camera then ?’
‘No front camera, Sir.’
‘How come is it 3G then ?’

Most of us have mistakenly assumed 3G as Video Calling, which is merely one of the many features 3G brings along. Every service provider has been instrumental in promoting their 3G services to the end users in their own unique ways. Be it the flying Zoozoo, the soldier on the border or the population driven 3G ads, every provider is keen to make big money out of the 3G wave.

Seems, most of you must still be wondering about the title.

While the technology is taking a huge leap, we have a whole lot of burning issues that are slowing down the country’s stride. Politics, black money, terrorism, scams and the list is endless. Every morning brings with it an element of unpredictability. We wake up to a new scam, rise of a new hero, a win or a failure. As the day grows, we have unpredictability at the workplace. A new deal, failure, a new commitment, new teething issues, new competition, new challenges, a new colleague or even a new boss ! The uncertainty of life even continues when we have little idea of what is in store for lunch, or even worst, lunch or no lunch. A new commitment springs up and lunch takes a backseat. New people, new places, new mentalities keep on unfolding as the day progresses. If you are in Mumbai, you may even have a new traffic jam, new twist to the weather or a new pothole anytime as you return home after a grueling day at work. Every moment something unpredictable occurs, Heisenberg must be smirking in his grave.

Be it on the personal or the professional front, uncertainty never seems to cease. You can swim with the flow, against the flow or sit back on the shore and watch things pass by. In either case, you can never stop the unpredictable.

It’s all about being in the moment, living and rejoicing. Live the moment till it is ‘loading’. You never know what’s next. Wait and watch is the mantra.

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